Post-Game Fantasy

Flip the script on fantasy football. With Post-Game Fantasy you pick players AFTER the game is over so the best strategy always wins.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Savvy Marketing Group was engaged to develop a marketing plan to introduce and gain awareness of a unique fantasy football platform with fantasy league participants nationwide. The biggest challenge was to communicate the league differences, performance management, and a complex set of rules, in a way that fostered interest and engagement with the new online wagering concept.

The Solution

Using marketing research and trend data to reach the core audience, Savvy developed a regional digital marketing campaign. The plan included a series of videos produced with 3-D animation, and enthusiastic spokespersons highlighting the differences between Post Game Fantasy and more traditional fantasy football platforms, and “how-to-play” animation explaining the league rules.

The digital plan strategy included target-centric paid social media placement on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Result

Savvy mapped out a digital plan that included YouTube advertising featuring the two videos that we created, using our market research to target a nationwide fantasy football demographic who demonstrate football related behaviors on the internet.

Within the launch phase of the digital marketing campaign, the videos garnered more than 100,000 views, exceeding 30-seconds. The two-minute “how-to-play” video was viewed in its entirety over 40 percent of the time it appeared, while the 60-second marketing video was viewed in its entirely over 53 percent of the time it appeared.

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