Washington Health System

Washington Health System provides health care services at more than 40 off-site locations throughout three counties.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Washington Health System approached Savvy to assist with branding and marketing of their Capital Campaign initiative for the Women’s Health and Birth Center. The mission of the campaign was to raise seven million dollars to allow for the renovation and expansion of the women’s health/birthing center at Washington Hospital.

As the average community member is bombarded with requests for donations from various organizations on a daily basis, our challenge was to brand and design a fundraising campaign that stood out from all of the rest.

The Solution

Savvy designed a campaign image with a healthy baby as the centerpiece, utilizing the tagline “Families Begin Here.” This design served as the cover to all  campaign marketing materials, providing an appeal to the audience’s emotion and personal experiences.

We created three targeted marketing pieces for the capital campaign, each designed to reach a segment of the local community: residents of Washington County, corporations and businesses, recent health system benefactors, and other community stakeholders. Each designed element provided a varying degree of detail about health system’s women’s health services, the campaign’s mission, and benefits to the community.

The third capstone piece was a long format video that featured footage of the current hospital facility, and interviews from doctors, nurses, and health system administrators presenting facts about the current limits of the facility and the goals for the future facility.

The Result

During the first phase of the capital campaign, over 25 percent of the goal was achieved. The fundraising rate continued with the successful completion of the campaign, reaching the total fundraising goal.

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